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Science Fair Discovery Day - Thursday 24th March 2016 (Year 5)

Science Fair Discovery Day

Thursday 24th March 2016


On 24th March, our Year 5 pupils will visit The University of Nottingham for a fun day of university discovery!


Aims of the day


  • To support the Science curriculum through providing a range of engaging hands-on activities and demonstrations.
  • To raise the aspirations of primary school pupils to Higher Education
  • To help pupils understand that learning is a lifelong journey




  • Science Fair: eight exciting science activities!


Pupils will take part in a carousel of eight different science activities run by scientists from different disciplines.


  1. Alchemy – Find out how copper 2p pieces can be turned into “gold”! The coins are gold plated and each child gets a coin to take away with them.
  2. Iron is good for you – Learn why you need iron in your cornflakes as well as in our blood! Iron is good for you… practical demos show how iron and enzymes are important for chemical reactions inside our bodies.
  3. Cold Play – See how all sorts of flowers and fruit are almost instantly frozen thanks to the use of liquid nitrogen. The items can then be smashed and shattered. Safety glasses are provided and are essential!
  4. Making Slime – Make your own slime in your favourite colour and find out how polymers work to create slime.
  5. Light Fantastic –Find out more about physics and the fascinating properties of light. How do butterflies’ wings make colour? How does water bend light? How do sunglasses work? How do you see coloured crinkles in plastic? How can you tell what the sun is made of from its light? And how can you make a rainbow from a CD?
  6. Programming Rolling Robots – Find out if a robot can solve a Rubik’s cube! The computer can seem like a magical device but in reality it is just following very simple instructions provided by a human. See computer programming in action on screen and using robots.!
  7. All Packed Up – Find out how engineering is used in making packaging of different shapes. Test out the best containers for carrying and packing sweets.
  8. Tour of lab and building – See where real scientists work on this short tour of the building. Walk through an active research laboratory and watch researchers carry out experiments, and learning and discovering new chemistry.


With the University of Nottingham Faculty of Science

Activity length: 1½  hours


  • University explorers!


Take a tour of the University campus, with your expert student guides.  See the beautiful University Park campus, and find out what’s it’s like to live and study here.


With University of Nottingham student ambassadors and staff

Activity length: 1 ½ hours