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Year 5 Achievements

           Respect   Relationships   Resilient   Reflective   Responsible

Our Achievements

At Broomhill we regularly celebrate success. It is important to recognise the efforts that are made and we fully believe that praise gives our children to drive and motivation to continuously improve and grow. 


Please see below our latest achievements within Year 5. 


If your child has achieved outside of school and you would like it to be shared and recognised on here, please feel free to message your class teacher and they will be more than happy to support you. 

Class Work

Please stay and have a look at our amazing class work. We are extremely proud of the achievements in and around school. 

5R Star of the Week

Congratulations to the following children who have been recognised for following the 5R's. 

Class  Name  Reason 
6 Nicole For showing respect and empathy towards her peers
5 Freya For consistently showing care and consideration
7 Levi For being a fantastic example towards others
6 Lacey For continuously working well in every session
5 Shiann

For being consistently helpful and thoughtful towards others

6 Dylan For always striving to be the best version of himself
5 Jack For always going the extra mile 
6 Ethan For adapting to change with maturity and resilience
6 Jayden For returning back to school with a super attitude
7 Veronika For forming positive relationships within the classroom


Work Star of the Week

Congratulations to the following children who have been recognised for working hard in the classroom. 

Class Name  Reason
5 Georgia Artwork design
6 Marty Theme park research
7 Monay Rollercoaster cross-sketch
5 Cody Place value work 
6 Guille Improving his knowledge of Roman Numerals 
7 Lillirose Science vocabulary
5 Grace Creative English work 
6 Kai High levels of enthusiasm in Maths 
7 Jack  Presentation in English
5 Oviyan Overall improvement in Maths 
6 Jayden  Supporting others in gymnastics 
7 Jaycee Determination to succeed 
5 Harry  Continuously working well in every subject
6 Jacob Successfully performing a push pass with accuracy in hockey
6 Rimas Having a positive mindset 
7 Kaitlyn For her use of scientific vocabulary and resilience within an experiment 
5 Max For being a delight to teach, all of the time
6 Evie For carefully examining her statistics work
7 Harry For producing superb facts about Tutankhamun
5 Shakiyah Producing a high standard of work whilst at home
6 Cayden-Lee Attempting and completing higher-levelled challenges in Maths 
7 Ryan For conducting his home learning with excellence
5 Dion His general attitude towards work is outstanding 
6 Stacy For showing maturity in her responses to SEAL 
7 Theo For showing determination in Art and P.E. 
5 Riley For persevering in his work. 
6 Brooke Using prior knowledge to support her understanding of equivalent fractions. 
7 Isaac An all-round superstar.


Behaviour Awards

Congratulations to the following children who have recently been awarded their latest behaviour award! 


Bronze:  Veronika


Gold: Harry, Jake, Monay, Ethan, Jayden, Regan, Brooke, Guille, Cayden-Lee and Stacy

Platinum: Mollie, Brandon, Kaitlyn, Lilly, Kaitlyn, Riley, Melissa, Jacob, Ethan, Jayden, Kai, Isaac, Brooke, Guille, Cayden-Lee, Marty, Logan, Mason, Lacey, Rimas, Stacy and Demi. 

Ruby: Jaycee, George, Annabelle, Freya, Joseph, Cody, Scarlett, Georgia, Jacob, Isaac, Owen, Marty, Mason, Noah and Dylan. 

Emerald: Jack , Nyah, Dion, Ryley, Shreyan, Harry, Max, Ousama, Shakiyah, Lillirose, Levi, Darcy-Mai, Ryan, Owen, Nicole and Samuel

Sapphire: Isaac, Noah, Shiann, Shreyan, Kyron and Grace

Diamond: Oviyan!