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Year 6 Achievements

Our Achievements

At Broomhill we regularly celebrate success. It is important to recognise the efforts that are made and we fully believe that praise gives our children to drive and motivation to continuously improve and grow. 


Please see below our latest achievements within Year 6. 


If your child has achieved outside of school and you would like it to be shared and recognised on here, please feel free to message your class teacher and they will be more than happy to support you. 

Class Work

Please stay and have a look at our amazing class work. We are extremely proud of the achievements in and around school. 

Our Amazing Art Work! At the start of the year, we used the metaphor of flowers in bloom and flowers in wilt to explore different emotions we have experienced. We then used our creative sketching and painting skills to create some truly amazing art work that we are very proud of.

It's always great to remember how unique you are!

Changing our name (sound wave) into a landscape picture! Some more amazing art work from our fabulous Year Six!

Topic 1: Revolution! Throughout our first topic, we learned all about life in the Victorian Era. Children have impressed us all with their writing skills. Have a look at some examples of our writing. Examples include: The biography of Florence Nightingale, A Diary entry in role as a house maid, Comparisons of life for the rich and poor, School life, Inventions in the Victorian Era, Diseases in the Victorian Era, Research notes on Workhouses and Timelines.

Victorian photography! We enjoyed posing like the Victorians did!

5R Star of the Week

Congratulations to the following children who have been recognised for following the 5R's.

Class Name Reason   
9EllaFor showing respect and empathy towards others.  
8RileyManners, respect and empathy.  
10JulianFor consistently empathy, compassion and consideration.  
9AliciaFor being respectful and helpful in the classroom.  
10AmeilaFor being helpful and respectful in class.  
8EllaBeing a great member of our Broomhill Family.  
8LindaResilient learning traits in maths.  
9MiloBeing resilient throughout the week.  
8KaiBeing resilient in maths!  
8PoppyResilience in all areas of her learning and behaviour.  
9CadenWorking well in class with other children.  
8JamieTaking risks in PE.  
8Kacie, Kaya, Cienna, Jamie, LukeShowing good relationships and welcoming a new member of our class.  
10KiennaExcellent relationships with peers.  
9JessicaFor looking after our environment- litter picking  
8LindaBeing honest academically and socially.  
10CharlieCaring for the environment and taking responsibility for the classroom.  
8Class 8To all members of Class 8 for being responsible and reflecting during our SRE sessions.  
9JoshAlways being respectful.  

Work Star of the Week

Congratulations to the following children who have been recognised for working hard in the classroom. 

ClassName Reason   
8KacieA great start to year 6, valued contributions to all lessons.   
9TylerAmazing art work and a great start to year 6.   
10KiennaPaying great attention to detail during art work.   
8JamieFor reading consistently at home.   
9LewisGreat work reflective work during transition, even when he found it hard.   
10Olivia-MaiA great start to year 6, working well during transition activities.   
8MollieReflective maths work.   
FayeGrowing independence in maths and English.   
10SianAn excellent start to year 6 with a positive attitude to learning.   
8IslaA great week in maths and English. A brilliant diary entry!   
9MasonConcentrating well in lessons.   
10YahyaExcellent work in maths.   
9TaylorExcellent work in maths all week!   
8Emily RoseShowing resilience in maths all week!   
8CiennaShowing resilience in maths all week!   
9JessShowing resilience in maths all week and a new improved attitude to learning.   
8HarveyShowing resilience when learning from home.   
9RubyCreating an excellent First Aid poster.   
10HollyCreating an excellent persuasive advert.   
8FinleyWorking hard in English and maths all week and helping others.   
9Jack and Daniel

Jack- for being a role model and helping other children.

Daniel- for beautiful handwriting.

10ScarlettFor helping Mrs Turner and starting to believe in herself.   
8KayaGreat work in English and Maths and for being brave in PE!   
9LaylaGreat work in English and Maths all week.   
8Victoria and Emily-RoseFor excellent mathematical discussions during maths lessons.   
8JoshHaving a positive attitude this week and adapting to changes.   
9DanielWorking hard during lockdown and adapting to school like positively.   
10OscarWorking hard during lockdown and continuing this great work effort this week.   
8LaytonWorking hard throughout the week, including in catch up.   
9BrookeExcellent maths work.   
9MasonWriting a fabulous fable and showing good relationships with peers.   
10ConnorContributing to lessons.   
8MohamadExcellent English work and increased contributions in class.   
8Poppy EBrilliant writing- The Highwayman.   
9BrookeGreat art work and writing throughout the week.   
8TommyExcellent maths work.   
9LewisBeing resilient in PE.   
10ElonAmazing work in English!   
8ScarletMature, reflective contributions during RSE.   
9Class 9Adapting to change brilliantly.   
10Jess EProducing a fabulous nonet in English.   
8MollieContinuing to work hard in English and Maths.   
9JoshExceptional work in maths on ratio.    
10ScarletAn impressive week of learning!   
8Victoria, Emily, Scarlet, Cienna, Harvey and MohammadGreat debate skills in History!   
9Ruby and TaylorGreat partnership in maths.   
10OliviaExcellent writing in role.