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Broomhill Junior School

Broomhill Junior School

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Broomhill Farm

Broomhill School Farm

Within our school grounds we have two enclosures which home our chickens, ducks and geese. We also have two large paddocks which house a variety of farmyard animals including pigs, sheep and cows. The children share the responsibility of caring for the animals, thus realising the needs of living creatures.


Broomhill Farm is a valuable learning resource for our children, which allows them to learn exactly where the food on our plates comes from.  The cows and pigs are looked after in the same way a farmer would keep his animals,  and the children understand the process which takes the animals from field to fork. We work in partnership with a local butchers who provides our children with the opportunity to make sausages once the pigs have gone to slaughter.  The children and parents find this to be a valuable learning experience as it gives them the opportunity to learn real life skills.


The outdoor animals and a variety of indoor animals we have also provide a stimulus for learning and an opportunity for problem-solving in a ‘real’ situation. The Broomhill Farm enables our children to learn a variety of valuable life skills and also experience a unique school experience.


We also have a number of raised beds in school in which we grow our own fruit and vegetables. We grow soft fruit, seasonal vegetables as well as fruit from our orchard. All produce is either used for school meals or used to support cooking in the classroom. Once again children take responsibility and work with staff to tend and care for the gardens. Once again it gives children the opportunity to develop real life skills.

Broomhill Farm Animals