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George Spencer Teaching Alliance

Their shared vision is to develop George Spencer Academy Teaching School Alliance as a true learning community focused on raising standards to improve the life chances of young people in all their schools. It aims to accelerate student learning & outcomes through exemplary governance, 'high performance' leadership development and high quality teaching and learning.

George Spencer's commitment to work collaboratively to share strengths and support development ensures that they have the capacity and credibility to bring about successful school improvement.

What is important to George Spencer is creating and sustaining an Alliance with like-minded schools who:

  • Believe we all come with something to share and something to learn
  • Value, and nurture, capital
  • Have the generosity of spirit to share their expertise in an appreciation that they may need to give more than they receive at times
  • Appreciate that much of what they offer as an Alliance is also available to benefit schools beyond ourselves
  • Value joint practice development, coaching and enquiry-based approaches that professionalise their profession, ensuring we become a research literate, research informed and research engaged profession


The vision and strategic direction of the George Spencer alliance is determined by their strategic board which meets 5 times a year. Operational teams meet termly and work during the year to ensure this strategic vision becomes reality. They have 3 operational teams; leadership development, ITT and induction and CPD.

Membership of the George Spencer Alliance is entirely voluntary and we charge no subscription fees. Schools work together under mutual agreement and where possible we try to ensure our activity is cost neutral. Members determine the level of commitment they can give in any one year and this can change as their capacity changes.