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School Council

Our School Councillors 2020-2021

At Broomhill Junior School, we pride ourselves on having a fabulous School Council. There are a total of two School Councillors per class, giving us a grand total of twenty School Councillors to represent the views of all of our pupils.


Having a School Council gives our children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.  A School Council is important as we want all of our children to feel valued whilst they are in school. We want them to share their ideas and experiences and work with us to create a school that is the best it can be.


Children in each class are familiar with who their School Council representative is and aim to talk to them about any issues or suggestions they have. Traditionally, School Councillors would then feed this information back to each other in council meetings, however due to COVID-19 restrictions, School Councillors feed information back to their class teacher and this is then shared electronically with the whole school community. After each meeting, members of staff then take action to meet what our children have asked or suggested.


We believe our School Councillors should be role models at all times and that this should be a role children aspire to be.


At the start of the academic year, all children are given the opportunity to become a School Councillor. They must create a speech giving their peers reasons why they would make ideal candidates. Then, like in Parliament  and within society, their peers must vote anonymously  for who they would like to represent their views. Being a School Councillor is something many of our children take pride in. 



Minutes From Our Meetings