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Respect: (734 points gained in Spring 2)

Responsible:  (707 points gained in Spring 2)

Relationships:  (770 points gained in Spring 2)

Reflective:  (773 points gained in Spring 2)



At Broomhill Junior School we have four very important words that we embed into all areas of the curriculum. These are called our 4R's. They are Respect, Responsible, Reflective and Relationships. Each word is as important as the other and they help us to be a Broomhill family. Every one of the 4R's has their own individual page at the bottom of this page to share their achievements and news with you.


Children at Broomhill Junior School are allocated to one of the four 'Houses', named after these words. Respect is red, Responsible is green, Reflective is yellow and Relationships is green.


The children are allocated house points for different reasons, such as:


  • Achieving over 97% attendance
  • Being a half term termly P.E star
  • Achieving a behaviour award
  • Showing positive behaviour in assemblies
  • Winning and/or showing the 4R's during inter-house competitions
  • Other house points may be given during the week for showing the 4R's around school, according to the staff around school. We have a house colour box in the school hall for children to place points earned.


Throughout the year we have many special events and competitions which give children extra opportunities to earn house colour points. These events include our Sports Day, ProKick day, World Cup day and Broomhill through the decades week.


Children can also receive negative points for showing negative behaviours around school.


The current winning team will have the Broomhill 4R cup on display in the office with their colour on it.


At the end of the year the winning 4R team will receive a special event, such as an adventurous trip out or a special treat in school, such as RollerDisco or Trislacklining.

House captains


Every 4R house colour has Staff and pupil captains who meet at least once every half term to discuss the progress made. They review the points gained and lost to create a review that is then shared with their house colour during their assembly. The 4R's have their own personal assembly where they reflect on the achievements of the half term and discuss ways of improving.


The captains are:


Respect: Staff- Mrs Plaskitt and Mrs Goodman Pupils ---- and ----

Responsible: Staff- Mr Wilson and Mrs Blacknell Pupils ---- and ---- 

Relationships: Staff- Mrs Hill and Miss Locke Pupils ---- and ----

Reflective Staff- Mrs Price and Miss Fearn Pupils ---- and ----



Throughout the year we hold many inter-house competitions at school. We have a highly trained group of Young Ambassadors who work well with the school community to create exciting activities. The activities are carefully considered to ensure that a wide range of skills and talents  are displayed, in areas including P.E, Maths, Spelling, Art, Music and Writing.


Autumn 1: Speed bounce -

Autumn 2: Spelling Bee and Benchball - Relationships (Lower School) and Respect (Upper School)

Spring   1: Triathlon, 500 word writing challenge and ProKick -

Spring 2:  Cross-Country (Upper School), Boccia, Bean-bag throwing (Lower School) and Tri-Slacklining

Summer 1: Javelin (Lower School), handwriting and sack race (Upper School)

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