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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Respect Relationships Reflective Responsible


A very warm welcome to year 3 from Mr Langford, Mrs Adams, Miss Shah, Miss Broderick, Mrs Burdass and Miss Locke.


Children in year 3 and 4 will be taught English and Maths in their year groups.


The year three teachers for English and Maths are Mr Langford, Miss Shah and Mrs Adams.

Miss Baker also works with some children in a group.


Year 3 is an amazing time for everyone as the journey through KS2 begins and the children really develop their skills for independent learning. Throughout this year the children will be exploring a variety of exciting and engaging cross-curricular topics including: The Stone Age to the Iron Age, We Are Great Britain and The Romans.


All of our topic work is centred around a book. Our Autumn book is Stig of the Dump. Our Spring book is The Iron Man.


All of the topics have a Creative Homework Project linked to them, which will give the children the opportunity to showcase their talents, strengths and interests. This will be given to children at the start of each half term.


Could we please ask that you ensure PE kits are kept in school all week. Our P.E days are:


Class 1: Wednesday and Thursday

Class 2: Monday and Thursday

Class 3: Monday and Thursday

Class 4: Monday and Thursday

Class 5: Tuesday and Thursday


Homework expectations:

  • We expect children to read as much as possible. Children in year 3 should be reading daily.
  • By the end of year 3, children should know all their 2,3,4,5,8 and 10 times tables. We recommend that children practise these as much as possible. We test times tables weekly in school... practise makes perfect!
  • Children are given a spelling test weekly, so we expect children to practise their spellings at home. We have one practise session in school to help children with this.
  • At times throughout the year, children may receive additional homework to support their learning in school.



The more children are in school, the more they are learning. Our aim is to have children in school as much as possible. Ideally, we are aiming for at least 97% attendance.


Autumn overall attendance


Class 1: 96.8%

Class 2: 95.8%

Class 3: 96.8%

Class 4: 93.8%

Class 5: 95.6%

Year 3 Spellings


Spelling tests happen weekly on a Monday morning. Your child will perform their spelling test with their English teacher. Their weekly score is placed in their school diary, along with their new spellings.


Within the week, the children will practise their spelling pattern at least twice a week.


Their spelling list will also be posted onto ClassDojo.



Class Dojo

Support your child with their behaviour at Broomhill Junior School by signing up to Class Dojo.


The staff at Broomhill will use ClassDojo to communicate with you. By using the app, teachers can provide your child with positive points for a variety of reasons. It also allows teachers to instantly share messages, updates and photos from the class.

You will need to receive a code from your class teacher to see all the benefits.



4R'S and SEAL

At Broomhill we have weekly SEAL lessons. SEAL promotes social and emotional literacy and equips children with the skills they need to lead a healthy, happy life.


Our SEAL topic for Spring 1 is 'Going for Goals'


Our 4R topic for this half term is Responsible.



Curriculum fliers

Creative Homework Autumn 2

Here are some photos of the homework from Autumn 1, based on The Stone Age to the Iron Age.



English and Maths Targets for Year 3


Other useful links

Classroom displays

At Broomhill we are proud of the hard work our children put into their work. Have a look at some of our classroom displays. I am sure you will agree that they look fantastic!