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COVID-19 Information and guidance

In order to keep you fully informed about the very latest advice relating ot COVID-19, we have set up this page. New information and advice will be added here as soon as we are updated so please check the page regularly.

'Unsung Heroes' by Mr Chambers

Mr Chambers, Teaching assistant in Year 5 has written and performed a very special song called 'Unsung Heroes' during the most recent lockdown. Children and staff are working to write new verses and also perform dances. Keep your eyes open for additional songs and dances.

Quotes from parents and carers.


Year Four Parent

'You have given exceptional support to all throughout these uneasy times. Well done to all staff. I hope you get a restful holiday' smiley


Year Six Parent

'As a parent of a little girl with very complex needs, I feel as confident as I can be in sending her big 

brother into school that you are doing everything and more to ensure the children and their families arebeing kept as safe as possible.'yes


Year Three Parent

'You are doing a great job Mr B-Y and all the staff. Its all for the best.'smileysmiley


Last day picnic for our fantastic key worker children.

Quotes from parents and carers.


Year Five Parent

Doing a great job.....all of you!smileysmileyyes


Year Six Parent

Thank you very much for organizing and delivering the food parcel yesterday, it was lovely and very 

helpful!! I would just like to also add that we think you are all doing an amazing job dealing with 

changes and extra work being pull in with the daily changes. All of your hard work hasn't gone 

unrecognised and is very much appreciated. Could you please let other  members of staff know this 

i.e. reception, support staff etc.
A big thank you to all at Broomhill

Broomhill Junior School (May 2020)

Please take a look at our staff video to our brilliant children.

Quote from School Governor


I just thought I should let you know how proud I was to say I am a parent governor at Broomhill at the governor training last week. I was put into a group with governors and chairs from other schools and we were comparing what we have been doing in each school in relation to Covid-19. They were looking at our school website and how informative it is and Broomhill was ticking all boxes with attendance numbers displayed to the wider community and governor impact statement on the school website. Prior to that I had knowledge of the remote education in Year 6 and how well it was working so was able to mention what I had been made aware of.


Each one those schools were missing one of the items in the discussion.


I thought it’s something I should share with you especially during these times to let you know what a brilliant job everyone is doing at the school.


Many Thanks