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Behaviour at Broomhill

Our Restorative Approach.


At Broomhill, we pride ourselves on being a school community that follows the principles of Restorative Practice. 


Restorative Practice aims to establish, build and repair relationship[s, so they are all positive ones. It focuses on solving conflicts, repairing harm, restoring relationships, adults modelling the behaviour they want to see and our children communicating how they feel. 


The adults in our school, including three talented learning mentors, are committed to helping our pupils and use restorative approaches to do this.  

Examples of restorative approaches used within our school include:


  • Talking to pupils after a problem has occurred,  
  • Asking them reflective questions,  
  • Not blaming pupils,  
  • Having restorative circle time sessions 
  • Having dedicated daily reflection time. 


Our school values link perfectly to the principles of Restorative Practice. Children learn what empathy is, what good relationships are, how to take responsibility for their actions, how to reflect on their behaviour and how to show respect and resilience. 


Restorative practice is not about punishing behaviour, it is about understanding why children behave in the way they do. It involves modelling and teaching children to show the behaviour that is expected. We aim to proactively show children how to repair their behaviour and relationships, giving them lifelong social skills.  


Our behaviour management approach is therefore one that is restorative.  


We believe positive relationships are vital for learning and are a huge strength of our Broomhill Family.