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Broomhill Family

The Broomhill Family.

The Broomhill Family is something that is unique to Broomhill Junior School and is something we are very proud of. Every past and present child and member of staff is part of the Broomhill Family. We look after and care for each other by following our 5Rs. These are :

  • Relationships
  • Reflective
  • Respect
  • Resilient
  • Responsible.

They are all of equal importance and help to become positive citizens. We focus on a different 'R' for each half term and the SMSC work that we do in school helps us to become a positive member of our Broomhill Family. Certificates are given out each week celebrating somebody who really embodies one of our 5R's.


In our most recent Ofsted Inspection (May 2017) inspectors commented:


'Leaders, governors, staff and pupils throughout the school are committed to the core values of trust and respect that underpin the very strong relationships within the ‘Broomhill family’.'


'The headteacher has a deep sense of care and aspiration for pupils. He is determined that pupils have positive learning experiences and the necessary skills to develop into mature young people.'


'The headteacher drives a compelling and established ethos of the ‘Broomhill family’ that is at the heart of what the school does. This permeates all staff, who ‘go the extra mile’ in their commitment to care and give pupils positive experiences'


'The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. The strong ethos of respect and care that underpins the ‘Broomhill family’ ethos permeates school life.  The school places particular importance on its key values of the ‘five Rs’: respect, relationships, reflective, resilient and responsible. The pupils have a clear understanding of these and refer to them with confidence. Pupils told inspectors, ‘We all get along if we follow the five Rs.’'